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Jacqui's Journey - Thanks

I set out with the blessings of my two sons, Chris and James who came to farewell me. Throughout my journey they remained as excited as I was. Even though they were often far away, their spirit rode with me and they remained dear to my heart.

Chris went home to spend hours of his business and personal time designing and updating my website. He answered phone calls and email at all times of the day and night to resolve any difficulties I had with understanding my computer. I am indebted to Chris, and his business, Ibex, for the brilliant work he did on this website.

I undertook the journey with the companionship and help of my faithful animal friends, starting with Rosy, the mare I'd been riding for five years, and two dogs - Brae, my Sheltie, and Zig, a young Border Collie. Then I acquired Doug also known as Kia Kaha, and later faithful d'Artagnan. Even later still I found Captain, who I still really have to get to know. I'm sure they've really enjoyed it. They seemed to have a 'presence' when they rode past horses in paddocks, or being exercised around in tight arenas. Brae looked at disdain at the dogs who 'had to stay home'.

And all those New Zealanders who aided and abetted me, who so willingly gave up their best paddock for the horses. When I needed advice (even when I didn't need it!) I was willingly given it. There were small, and even large services, which I wasn't allowed to pay you for. The many children who obligingly shifted out of their beds so that I could be offered somewhere to rest my body - thank you. I cannot mention you all by name, there are just too many... You know who you are - thank you, thank you, thank you.

The many people who rode along with me - Lawrie McV, Lee O, Jenna, Lawrie O, Lisa, Diane, Erin, Jan, Fiona, Michelle, Jodie, Donna, Ann, Evelyn, Beth, Carol, Kaye, Vicky, the Auckland Mounted Police and Grant Latimer, and the brave, courageous Lee Gabriel, Abbey, Betty, Sel and Kathleen - I enjoyed your camaraderie. We had a lot of fun, didn't we?

To CompuServe Pacific, who sponsored my time on the internet, thank you. You provide a wonderful service, far greater than any other internet provider. Being able to connect with people all around the world and tell them where I was at that time was truly amazing. Often when I stayed at a remote farm, and we hooked up my computer and chatted with someone else in a far corner of the world, and they knew someone who was in some way connected with the people I was staying with, there was so much excitement in the air it just about would have powered my laptop!

You'll find many of the people I met and enjoyed time with on my journey in CompuServe's Pacific Forum [GO PACFORUM].

To Kathmandu, for the wonderful jacket that kept me warm when I needed to be warm.

And lastly I'd like to say that I met many people who have had similar dreams, but haven't yet fulfilled them. I set out not knowing if I was a good enough rider to complete such a journey. I decided to take one day at a time, and before too long found myself at Cape Reinga. I learned a lot, in particular about myself. Now I won't be afraid to take on a new challenge. To them I say: if you really want something, all you need is the heart and desire to do it. Go for it. This is your life, live it. Enjoy it. Life is too short to sit around wondering what to do and whether we can do it. Kia kaha! Be strong!

No reira tena koutou nga hoa nga iwi mo ou koutou maanakitanga.

Jacqui Knight,

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